Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moving into the final week.

Heading into the final week, I am beginning to get excited about the whole trip. The training is going good. Been out every day this week increasing the miles and the hours on the saddle (most important). I have been making my checklists of stuff to take and will refine it up as the coming week progresses. Having sourced the bike I want to ride ( A Cannondale Tourer 1). I am trying to get a good deal over there. Ill post a picture when I get one and I will keep you posted. Feel free to join in this blog !!

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eileen said...

Enjoying the blog so far. Keep up the training and toughen up that rear end and you never know you may make it to the 2012 Olympics! Maurice says are you taking the golf clubs with you too? You could attach a trailer to the back of the bike! Ha bloody ha!! We will be watching this space with interest. Love to be going with you but don't think this rear end could hack it. Keep safe. Lots of love