Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday 27th September 2008- Training

This is what I am training on most of the time. Its my Giant mountain bike and its closer to what I will be riding over there. It handles a lot differently than my 'little black number' the Paginini road bike and its a lot harder to ride. Cause it tends to 'stick' to the road making it harder to push. But riding a fully loaded tourer will take some getting used to as well.


mgk said...

Looking forward to sharing in your trip through this blog. Delighted your long-time plan is to become a reality. May the road rise to meet you (or maybe not! but you know what I mean).
Mick Kelly

naasccadmin said...

Nice one John. The best of look with the cycle. I'll put a link on the website to your blog and we'll be following your progress.

SDCC said...

John, We missed you on the Sunday Cycle today - a bit too close I suspect to the "off" to be consorting with us mortals. Remember the time yonks ago when we set off from Naas at 10:00 am to cycle the seven miles to Blessington and you were wondering if you would make it back for 12:30 mass in Naas. Little did you think at that time that you would be setting off to cycle the length of the US. Best of luck with your flight and we will be awaiting further details with envy.

Tom Ryan