Friday, October 3, 2008

Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz 54 miles

That Pacific Ocean. I tell you its not to be messed with. I woke in the night and you would swear the sunami was coming to get me. The noise was fantastic! None of your, lapping waves rocking you to sleep with whale voices and sea breezes. This was full on explosive! I swore it was thunder, and the sea. The waves were BOOMING the beach. And it wasnt a wave sound.. it was a constant ROAR! I thought about getting out of the tent but I thought I could be one of those casualties that you hear about. You know! The guy went out to see the sea and was never seen again. Imagine my surprise the next day when there had been no storm or anything for that matter. Just another night on the Pacific.
Anyway, had breakfast with the CC group the next morning and they went off quietly. I think thats the last I will see them. We are all moving on.
A nice pace on the way to New Brighton Beach. The sun is hot now, so I have to get factor 30 for my lips. They are getting sunburnt. I bought some energy bars cause there will be no water or food for the next 37 miles. Thats what happens in this country. One day there is nothing cafes and shops but and then you are into virtual wilderness. Im prepared, so off I go. Legs are strong today, spinning away nicely and the miles are clocking down. I soon pass out two of the slower members of the CC group and sail on.
Davenport comes not a minute too soon. Nearly out of water and hungry. Stop at a cafe and have the big breakfast. 2 eggs over medium (there is something else other than 'over easy') bacon sausage, a short stack and maple syrup coffee and water. Woofed it down. Have a pee and fill my bottles and on the road again. Into Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz is a huge city. Sprawls for miles and I am looking for directions on my book so progress is slow. Once Im sure Im on the right track I stop for supplies for the night and head to the New Brighton State Beach and my tent. Showers dont work but it amazing how much you can wash under a cold trickle coming out of a shower head. Down as far as you can. Up as far as you can, and dont worry about the bit in the middle.
After I am pitched a guy I had met about a week ago rolls in. Nice to see him again.
Bed by 8pm!!! Can you believe it!

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