Thursday, October 9, 2008

Refugio State Beach to Mc Grath beach 54 miles

Woke up to a Tequila sunrise and the sounds of the sea. Got organised and headed off again with Jim. Heading for Mc Grath State Beach.
Jim has a foundation for his brother who was injured badly in a fall at work and is now paralysed. When he was in rehab with his brother he saw there were a lot of kids in there who had hurt themselves (mainly head injuries) falling off bikes and scooters and roller skates. Now with the assistance of the police,they go to outings where kids are biking or skating and provide them with tuition and gave free helmets. Its a great cause. He is doing this trip, Canada to San Diego and calls at all the hospitals on the way down totell them about his foundation. As his literature says 'I am my brothers keeper' A great man!
We cycle our own path down and agree to meet later in Mc Grath Beach. I meet him later and he tells me he has met another Swiss guy who is coming to the park as well and I soon meet him on the road too. We stop for an ice cream and head on at our own pace. As I am going through a town I hear my name being shouted out and there at the bus stop, in civies, are some of my Cross Canada friends. They are having a day off and are getting the bus to town for some shopping. A few miles up the road I come across a library and I go in to get the internet, to post yesterdays blog. Who comes in, only other members of the Cross Canada group with the same idea. We bring each other up to date on our news and as I am leaving I meet Jim also having an ice cream. So we agree to cycle together for the rest of the way. Then Hans from switzerland joins us and the 3 amigos zipp into Ventura together. Jim has to go to a hospital to check in with them and we loose Hans going through Ventura. I make it to Mc Grath on my own and find only a solitary bike (no owner) in the camp site. Kurt soon arrives having been out in the sea for a swim, to claim the bike. Hans arrives and two young guys from Canada ride in, Jim arrives and we have a bit of crack around the table for the evening. Everyone has a beer with them(only one) and its very sociable.
Soon its dark and its off to bed at 8pm.
Better get used to it guys John is off to bed every night at 8 when I get home. Its ingrained...

In the night we are visited by racoons. They are devils, about the size of a cat but with front paws that are like fingers. They can open zips and bags and they are very curious. They upturn the bin and move the stuff around. Up on the tables and will open bags to get whatever is in them out.
But apart from that they are pretty harmless.
Tomorrow is an easy ride down to Malabu... and the GIRLS!! Bring it on....

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