Friday, October 3, 2008

San Francisco to Half Moon Bay 37 mi8lkes

I decide to head out of San Fran today insteadof sta ying longer. Its going to be a bit hairy to get out, so I decide the best thing to do is travel with the Cross Canadian Group for safety sake.
Anyway I would need lots more time in SF to see it properly and another day is not going to do it. So we decide to leave at 9.30am after the rush hour. Some of us go out to dinner for the evening and its nice meeting new members of the group. I have a nice chat with Ruddiger. Setting off into a lovely warm day, we head back up towards the Golden Gate to pick up our route out south. Some steep climbs up to bridge level and I am pleased I can pretty much stay with them. They are unloaded. Head down the coast to Daly City a lovely cycle along the edge of the Pacific but this is where we part company. A long 5mile drag up into Daly City puts an end to my cycling in the peleton. Im left for dead. But I grind it out and eventually get to the top and Im ok cause I have my own directions. I meet a little asian man on a road bike out for a spin and I regale him with my exploits ( I think he had English!!) I joke.. He is suitably impressed so I move on telling him 'Lifes too short man' .
The road now evens out and its a nice run till I hit the Devils Slide. I dont think I have to explain that one!! Knee braker!!
Over him and a thrilling 35 mph 5mile descent. Meet up with Paul a member of the CC group and we stop for a 12" subway before we get to the camp site at Half Moon Bay.
I set up camp with them as im invited to and it right on the side of the sea. When I go down to see the sunset I meet Herman and Mary and their dog. We chat and they tell me about their holiday in Ireland and how good it was. They live upon the highway and come down here every night to see the sunset. We are having a nice chat and they invite me to their house for a glass of wine. I arrange to meet them at 5.30 and we have a lovely hour or so chatting on their deck in their lovely home. Drinking chilled white wine and biscuits and cheese. Wonderful end to a lovely day.


Gavin said...

Looking good Boyler! Happy and fit, good man. Your blogs are fast becoming the highlight of my morning only bested by Emily's smile first thing.

John said...

I dont mind being bested by Emily's smile.