Tuesday, September 30, 2008

San Francisco - days of rest!

What a great city!
Its appropriate that a city such as this should have a great entrance hall that is the Golden Gate Bridge.
There is so much life here. The layout of the city with the steep up and down streets ensures that you see the skyline of the city, no matter where you are in it. Its not too busy traffic wise today Monday . Maybe the weekends are particularly busy and that would make sense. Everyone goes out at the weekends.
Public transport is very good once you get the hang of where everything goes and unlike some places, town maps abound.
I get the bus to Height Street to visit the birthplace of the Flower Power movement in the Sixty's. I was there a number of years ago when it was still alive and well. And then, there was a great sense of the bohemian there and it was good to be there. Today, I can say that the Flower Power movement is no more! There is still the shops there selling dope smoking pipes and weird stuff, the strange clothes shops where you could buy anything with chains and beads on. Where you could find yourself talking to some 'way out' shop assistants who wanted only to love you. Now the hippies are all gone and there are only a few down and outs and homeless and some aging old hippies trying to hold to the remnants of what used to be.
Now there are a lot of Obama t shirts and stuff and there is definitely a change of emphasis from the old days. It was a shame and I leave feeling that a period of my history and a lot of peoples history has disappeared even if you were never a part of it.
Some of the steep streets are a sight to see. I head up to see the bendy street that is so steep they had to make it so the cars cant come straight down , you have to chicane down.
The streets up to it are, i swear 45 degrees. Its like treking up a mountain. Good exercise.... more tomorrow!


Gavin said...

Hey Boyler, you never told me you were a mad hippy toker back in the day. How was Alcatraz?

mary said...

Hi john
you looking Great in those san francisco photos lovely city.
good for you have hippies days rest.

geraldine said...

Hi John G, Just catching yp on your blog or should I say chasing your blog. You seem to have a travelled a long ways since I last checked it. You're obviously still enjoying it and so are we. you're the main topic of conversation over dinner in Latton each weekend(sad or what!) we love you really.Keep up the good work xx

Frances said...


Glad to hear you are enjoying SF when I was there I went to a park that had trees from all over the world and really found it (to my surprise) very interesting. Just can't believe how you got there, enjoyed your R&R doing a great job.

Pat Greene said...

Hi John
We're checking out your blog every night for all the news, delighted your doing so well.

See you soon in cork

Pat & Katleen

seamus said...

did u get my e-mail?


Peter said...

John, Youre getting more eloquent as the days go on - really brought a tear to my eye- are those good old days really gone :-)Think its time you got back on the bike, your hair is getting distinctly longer- dont want to loose you forever!

pauline said...

Your looking pretty hippish yourself.....I agree with gav didn't know you were a free loving hippy back in the day.
Your sounding much more up beat, enjoy the rest and the good food.

I've sent you an email with a few pics.
Love you


Colm said...

Hi John, got the name right - fair play. Have spent the last hour reading through your latest posts. Some achievement! We got back to SF sunday night, did 180 miles which is only a flash in the pan compared to your journey.

You have probably got back on the road by now but if you are still in san fran tomorrow (thurs) I could meet you for a pint. I'll pop my head into Johnny Foleys for around 6 - if you are back on the bike, best of luck with the rest of the trip and make sure you don't loose your PINK camera!!

#1Son said...

Have turned into a blog junkie.
Eagerly awaiting your next post.
We all miss your dailies, Travelling Matt!
Keep it up
Lots of love

John said...

wow what adulation!!
Think ill dothis again. I rarely get this attention.
Hey Gav. Guess ther is stuff about me you still have to find out.
Hi Mary. Glad tosee you are watching and supporting me
Hi Geraldine, Nice to have you back. I tell you what there are many day out here when Latton is on my mind too. nice to hear you again.
Francis you a star. I thought if i was a tourist id like to spend more time in san fran but im on a mission. keep watching.
Hi Pat and Kathleen, Nice to know your watching too. I look forward to cycling to cork soon for the weekend!!
Hi Seamus, No got no email. but you are a man of such short words i could have just missed it. haha.
Hi Peter, The bandana is still on the adgenda but didint have any in Haight Street.Have to keep looking. Its a quest now.
Hiya Pauline . sorry i missed your call . was out in the sticks. Got the great photos. Is Alex calling for the Genius yet?
Hey Colm. Tell you man, Im glad i got your message late. I could still be there. I am in serious alcohol deficiency at the moment. But keep in touch. Maybe backin Navan!!
Sean, great to get your call the other day. say hello toJelland the boys . ill be home soon