Thursday, September 4, 2008

First real trip. Around the vancouver area. 35 miles

Today was a real good day. Loaded some panniers and headed out to get a feel for the greater Vancouver area. Headed into downtown cause Vancouver does not have ring roads. Everything goes everywhere. It was quite complicated till you get used to the way they show street names. Briefly, if you see a street name above your head its not refering to the street you are on. Instead it is the name of the cross street. Did you get that? Well i kept forgetting and it leads to total confusion... This morning, after cycling about 10 miles I found myself back where I started. But, got the hang of it now.
Its a beautiful city, where the walker and cyclist and roller blader is treated like equal with the motorist. Got into Stanley park on ther edge of town and it was a pleasure cycling the paths around it. Bit like Phoenix park with stunning views and sunshine. Back to the city and out again to the coast more spectacular scenery. When you need to keep your wits about you. Traffic builds in the afternoon and they dont be long letting you know if you are in the way. You just gotta take your place on the road and hang on tight.
Head south tomorrow. More fun to come.


seamus said...

g'wan ye boy ye.dont let the bastards get you down

suazz said...

Good to see its all coming together Dad, mind them roads now it will be you on the wrong side!! Got my sales award last night feels good start it all again MOnday keep posting the blog its good x