Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rest day in Eureka. 21st September

What on earth am I going to do?
Start with a lie in. Thats 8am. Sleeping is still not the best. Up for a leisurely breakfast of Coffee, bagels and cream cheese and something that passes for saussages.
Ill take a walk into town and see this old victorian town with its nicely restored houses and shops. Its a strange place of quiet wide shopping streets of little bijou shops and coffee houses. Very pretty but not your bustling shopping center that exists in every other town center world wide.
Bead shops, bookshops, earthy shops all very environmentally friendly and in the middle?....An Irish Pub. I couldnt bring myself to go in. Found myself an Irish Tricolour for the bike. Must make a statement about who I am. I think people like to put some kind of a story onto when they see the bike. I have a sign on the back that says 'San Diego or Bust'. Always gets a comment.
Tomorrow I hit half way!!! EUREKA!!!
Over 900 miles... I think I can do this!!
Altho when people ask me where Im headed. They are not so impressed as they were in Washington. Until I tell them where I started from.
I see bikers going thro town today and I feel as if I should be going too instead of resting. However sieze the day, the weather is improving wind looks favourable and tomorrow sees me over the half way mark and thats to look forward too. Some big climbs loom in the next 2/3 days so i should be ready for them.


eileen said...

Hi John
Eureka does look very pretty, whats the story behind that name? 900 miles down and another 900 to go, you will make it no problem, hope the knee is holding up. All well here, we are getting a bit of an indian summer at the moment. Not sure how long we will have it but just grateful for some sunshine at long last. Hope the sun is shining on you too. Bike safely. Much love x

Frances said...

Really have enjoyed reading about your daily activities, happy you are in the sunny state of California. Wine country can't be that far away now. Your pictures are great

May the blessing of God's soft rain
be on you, falling gently on your head,
refreshing your soul with the sweetness
of summer or fall flowers newly blooming.

John said...

Thanks eileen. Weather has turned nice here too. Sun every day. Coolk in the morning and in the evening. But good . Im Good too

Yes Francis, The wine country but I think I would have to stay off one or the other . they dont want to mix...biking and wining