Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quilsene to Potlatch State park 6th September 2008

Had breakfast with forrest in the bar next door. A good old american beeaky. 2 eggs over easy bacon sausage hash brown like you have never seen and gallons of black coffee and toast. Set up for the day. Said my goodbyes and headed up the mountain. A long slow drag up for about 5 miles. met these people who were a group of 25 supported and heading for san diego too. They had no bags to carry so were travelling faster than me . but the kept stopping for stuff so they were with me in ones and twos all day. The descent from Mount walker was awesome . 40mph for about 5 miles. Eyeballs out three of us in a line. Great!!!. Then it was nice rolling for the next 25 miles. I was practicing my singing as I was going along. Even tho its a highway there were lots of times when there was no traffic at all and at those times it was pure silence. Hard to believe. Got to Potlatch had a few beers for the tent tonight and an ice cream. WONDERFUL Pitched my tent. T%his is going to be fun. Sleeping under the canopy of trees that are here. A little creek beside the tent. Think ill stay here....


SDCC said...

John, We are all left speechless. You are eating up the countryside. The west coast won't be long enough for you.

piroska said...

Hi John,
Very much enjoyed reading your trip on Sept.6th and excited that you camped. You'll love that camping bit!
Don and I will be following your progress this week. Then we are off for a bit. But: you are not off the hook re. camping. We are recruiting a few stars to watch you!
-- Piroska

John said...

Dont you beleive it guys. the wheels stick tothe road sometimes and the logging trucks can whip you out of you cycling shorts. They are big suckers and sometimes the pass you 6 at a time .. flying... scaRY

Hey Piroska, you dont know what you started. Camping isthe only way to go. apart froman odd hotel day for pampering. I had to buy an additional mat as my old bones couldnot take the hard ground hahah.