Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eureka to Garberville 23rd Sept 70 miles

Sorry about posts im doing them in a hurry to catch up.Ill edit them later.. been out in ther sticks for a couple of days.

Headed out today after a lazy day off yesterday. Im not in the mood for more cycling
Have my bagel and cheese and coffee breakfast and head out however reluctantly.
The first hour is always the worst but I get into my stride soon and after traversing the metroppolis that is Eureka I am soon on the nice flat road to my destination is Myers Flat. 50 miles down the road. 25 miles out I come to the Avenue of Giants. A heavily forested area of big californian redwoods. More than the last venture into the redwoods, this is awesome. 25Miles of giant trees lining the road. You might think boring! but WOW you want to be here. It is something you never forget. It makes me feel very insignificant.
Its a leisurely cycle and I come upon some bikers I saw yesterday in Eureka enjoying the spectacle. We stop for lunch at a roadside cafe and have a chinwag. They are 2 brothers from Fresno who just decided on the spur of the moment to buy 2 bikes and cause their jobs were unsure . Cycle to San Diego. No preparation, no training nothing, they hooked up with a french couple and the 4 were peddling along happily to San Diego. I thought I was impulsive!
I leave them behind and head on out of the Avenue of Giants and soon reach my destination of Myers Flat. And ITS CLOSED!! Its remote here so I have no other choice but to keep going.
Into Miranda. I shop at petrol station, nothing else there. Meet a guy who is motorbiking to saettle for a couple of days and he is from San Fran. Gives me some tips about San Fran and move on to Phillipsville,,, even smaller here so move on again. Now 60 miles done but nothing else for it if i dont want to sleep in a hedge. Remember the Bears!! no thank you . So eventually end up in Garberville, on top of a big climb where i roll into the first motel i find and collapse. 70 miles... what a day!!


#1Son said...

Should have got that bike with the engine on it. Just for uphill!
Sounds like hard work. Roll on all those L.A. beaches. Chin up you are flyin. Lots of love .

John said...

Forgot about those! All those crazy women parading themselves half naked on the beach. Hope Iheard that right when the lads told me about it!!