Monday, September 22, 2008

Crescent City to Elk Prairie Campground 49Miles

Crescent City was not a nice place. Motel was seedy and noisy but it was comfortable. Had some nice fresh fish and chips for dinner. tasty! A couple of beers and a seafood chowder. Not quite in that order but close!!
Woke at 7am got ready for the road. There is quite a lot to get ready. Cause as you all know, I can be a bit disorganised at times. And that mother of a hill awaits me.
Out into the morning sun and still cool. Although the weather seems to be improving. No mist and damp around which I am grateful for.
Hit the climb after about 4 miles and it is steep. Its like 4 miles of 'Dollys Brea'. Im out before a lot of the traffic so I get to suffer in peace. Knee hurts this morning but soon burns off. Took 2 hours for the first 13 miles. But got easier as I moved into Giant Redwood territory.
There were Redwoods on the climb but I didnt have time to really look at them. Had to watch the road, the cycle lane was narrow and traffic was getting busier.
But after the climb I could have a good look and..... WOW .... what Trees! The further down the road I got the bigger they got. Look at the pictures. These are awesome sights! Big, Tall,old and proud as they stood close together reaching 100's of feet into the sky.
I met randy, a guy I camped with a week of so ago and another guy from Alaska, in a cafe out in the wilds. Its amazing how you can keep meeting the same people all the way. We stopped along the road to get some photos and ended up in the camp together at Elk Prairie.
This was a beautiful place but we were warned by the Ranger to beware of Racoons and 'BLACK BEARS!!!' I said @WHAAAT'@@. He said, dont worry its brown bears you have to worry about black bears are ok. I asked him if the bear knew what colour he was but he just laughed.
But each camp had a big steel box where you had to put your food. SCAREY!!!!!. I was snugged up in my sleeping bag a while, when I suddenly realised I had a Granola bar in my bag 'IN THE TENT' AAAHHH!. So I ate it. The bear can have the wrapper.
There was some beautiful trails from the camp I took the time to walk some of them into the giant redwoods. So peaceful. Makes you feel small in there with them.Saw some wild elk in the trees along with this most beautiful big stag with 5 ft antlers on him. Wonderful!
Got back to the camp and we had been joined by other guys who I had met some days back. 2 Guys from Australia who gave me some tips for servicing my bike on the go. Had a good chat and off to bed by 8.30. Get to sleep before the bears and the racoons come to visit....

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