Friday, September 12, 2008


sorry about the delay in the blog.Camped last night and no internet. A bit remote out here. Anyway, Nahelem was good. Got fantastic lodgings in a place called Art Happens ruin by Bonnie. Gave me the run of the place. Some great art. Left it too late to go for dinner. The town was sold out of hot food. I kid you not! Got a Pot Noodle and some cheese and went to bed. Headed out on the trip after a massive breakfast. It was a good spin for about 25 mi8les to Tillamook. The place of good cheese. Had a tour around the factory and some samples. Thought I miught stay the night but decide to push on after the cheese. Good energy food. Took the 3 capes scenic route over a series of moderate climbs. My book says i should stop at Neharts for food for the night but i had to back track a mile of so to get there. One small grocery store with practically nothing in it. Got a tin of spagetti and meat balls and a gaterade and a jam tart. Thats it. Met a german guy on the road heading my way and we met later at the camp ground with and young guy from Wyoming. He had already cycled 1500 mi8les and was heading for San Francisco and a girl from Seattle going to San Fran. We all had dinner on the beach. Mosquitos were rampant but i was prepared for them this time. Completely covered myself in clothes and spray. Beautifulsunset overthe Pacific. In the tent by 8.30 and slept onand off till 7.45 am. Great! getting used toi this camping. Heard we hit a Mother of a climb as soon as we leave here tomorrow. Good Night... thinkabout me....


pauline said...

Sorry it's taken so long to post but had a problem with the internet at home sorted now as you can see. Also I went back to work full time this week so do think of me while your rolling along... It's great to read all about your days i didn't realise you were so funny but then you have probably been overshadowed by us all these years...hahaha. Well today i woke up to a lovely sunny morning had shreddies for breakfast then legged it out the door for the long ardous drive to the office past office blocks and houses amazing...had a great day at the office with meeting after meeting after meeting. Quick jaunt out for pub lunch in the country the back to the office for more meetings. Wasn't sure i could make it but managed to drive home and stop at sainsbury on the way for a couple of bottles of wine and then home in time for tea. Miss you loads but delighted your living the adventure. love you loads Pauline

piroska said...

Cape Lookout: do they still have the stairs to go up on and then down to the beach? We camped there, when my younger son was 6 mo. old, which would make it 23 years ago.
It's great that you are camping. That's how you'll meet a bunch of like-minded characters. Love to read your adventures/progress
-- Piroska

John said...

hi Pauline, good to hear from you. Love to Marco and the boys. Sounds a beach to be backin the thick of things.But you enjoyit.You know you do.

Hey Peroske,
no you get down the best you can. ther are acouple of paths. Showers are hard to find in the trees. Sunsets are great tho. Mosquetos are rampant. Camping is great but only if you can look forward to a nice comfortable hotel/motel.

bonnie said...

Hi John,

Bonnie here at Art Happens told me all about you and your fun journey...what a trip!!!! Here is a link to a GREAT place to stay in Yachats..


the Shags Nest is a small cabin on a bluff overlooking the Ocean, with a large picture window and a fireplace and a good mosquitos if you close the door!!!

its several miles south of town and not sure if they serve any food, so stock up or ask them but do try and stay there....its sure and call in advance....if you have time we would recommend a jet boat tour of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.

Good going to you and we'll watch your progress from Nehalem. Thanks for stopping here.

Richard and Bonnie

John said...

Bonnie,Thats great.i will contact them. thats exactly what i need. good contacts. If it 1/4 as good as you place it will be great. I still have that music of yours in my ears and i know when i get home it will be one of the highlights. Thank you for your hospitality. The best so far by a long way...