Friday, September 19, 2008

Port Orfort to Gold Beach 29 Miles

Headed out from Port Orfort and tried to get breakfast. There are no breakfasts in Port Orfort. In fact there is verylittle in Port Orfort. I get a buretto and a coffeand a recharge for my phone (eventually). And head out. Heading for Brooking on the California border. Like always ther is a climb out of the port and would you beleive Oregan saves itsbest till last. The views and the rocky cliffs and sea stacks are magnificent.
I have a worrying pain in my knee these last few days thats getting worse this morning on the climbs. I slow to ease it and my speed slows dramatically. I think i need to rest it so I resolve to stop half way today to rest it. Gold Beach is the first piece of civilation I get to. It can be really remote out here. Miles of beautiful sandy beaches with great dunes and no-one around for miles. At least at Gold Beach I have the internet and my second group will catch up tomorrow. California will have to wait for me another day.


Peter said...

Think the knee is telling you to rest. Listen to it . Youve covered some miles. Rest on your oars for a while. See the hair is growing - where's the bandana?

John said...

I have two bandanas a day and a bottle of Gaterade...there is nothing atrtractive about these towns to make you stay. but maybe you are right. Nice to hear from you Peter