Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rest day in Lincoln City 13th Sept.2008

,A well deserved rest day today in Lincoln City. There is nothing much of interest here that i can find. But then I wasnt really looking today. Its a 5 mile long town with nothing too much off it. Hotels, motels and shops. Has a great corresponding beach with a gale blowing North to South which if it keeps up, will blow me all the way to San Francisco.
Thought on this quiet day I would give you some impression of what i have seen.
Vancouver is undoubtedly one of the Great cities of the world. It seems to have a vibrancy about it that you do not get in many places. A busy city, because everything goes through it. There are no ring roads. Its built on what looks like an achipelago. Everywhere you go you got to get a ferry or cross a bridge. Has a beautiful climate similar to our own but a little more of everything, more sun, more rain. You could and should spend weeks here. The outdoor life is where its at here, boating, skiing,cycling,rollerblading. A bit like Australia from that point of view.
When you come into the US you find an immediate change of atmosphere. Gets more rural, more down to earth. You are now in, it appears to me, a working country. Farms factories and the American way. American flags fly everywhere outside private homes. Im not sure what it is saying, I suppose I could ask. But its like the North around the 12th. A people who want to make a statement about who they are and what they stand for. Altho its doesnt seem to be the most christian fundalmentist region that you hear about in certain parts of America. It seems to be however a very christian place. Religeon is deep here. They are very political people too. Nearly everyone you speak to has a strong opinion currently on the McCain/ Obama race for the white house there is little or no ambivolence. They know what they want and why.

But back to cycling. The bike is supreme here and in Canada when compared to home. British Colombia, Washington and Oregan have given a special place to bikes. There are cyclelanes everywhere and shoulders on the highways for cyclists and they are respected by drivers. But stay in them cause if you dont they will let you know you are out of your comfort zone and in theirs.
And a WORD ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING... at home! forget about it. These guys over here are doing it all themselves. And you turning that little red light off your tv at night doesnt mean a thing. The number of RV' s over here is scary. Fuel shortage... there isnt one. These things are as big as a Kavanaghs bus with a 4x4 attached and towed on the back. And there are 100's of them. They pass you every minute on the highway. And if its not that its these monster 4 wheel drive yokes with the big wheels. So for every lightbulb you switch off, these guys turn 10 on. As for the logging trucks.. wow.. i dont know where it all goes. They are hauling timber everywhere.
American breakfasts... forget the breakfast roll. Pancakes and syrup, bagels and cream cheese. What the boy wants the boy gets. Coffee flows like water... you only buy one cup.. they just keep filling it... for free and free internet access... one of the most civilised things in any small cafe. We could learn that at home. Went to a hotel before ileft Ireland to access the internet on my laptop. They wanted 5 euro for and hour... really! come on! Wake up and smell the American coffee!
Anyway back to the road tomorrow. Suitably rested, bum in shape and rearing to go... talk more then


Julie said...

Hey Uncle John, just been reading through your blog! You've had a busy week and I think that rest day was definately well deserved!! You are doing great and we are all back here watching your journey with great interest and a hint of jealousy! Take care x x

John said...

Thanks Jules. I am thinking of you all too.Seems so different than a few weeks ago. I cant believe it myself sometimes.