Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tough day today. MondaY 8th september

I was a tough day today today.a lot of long grinding hills over 45 miles. Right from the off i felt i had no legs. But you always think things will improve. I got a subway sandwich first and a coffee and that sent me off on the days ride. It was a beautiful day , sun shining and promised to be a warm day. I was heading fromMontesano to Raymond on the first leg. about 25 muiles. I wasquickly into some steep climbs bit like short wicklow gaps.What surprised me was the desacents were not5 as fast as i thought they woulod be . but nosooner down and another hill would looom. This is logging country andthe logging trucks were a constant menace.Single carriageway roads with a 2ft shoulder. Not a lot of room. and they woulod comein groups. All a forrested area so tree lines the whole way. Tghought about stoppiung at Raymond but it had nothing to recommend it so after a feed of steak sandwich chiups and coffee i set off again.This time it wasnt too bad and i cruised along down along the Walapa river. The place for fresh oysters if thats what you like. HGuge piles of oyster shells everywhere. Thought the last 10 miles wouold never pass. It was a real grind... think ineed a day off. Finally got into Bay Center and the KOA campground.Made a fire got the steak on and soup. My big group are here too so the invited me again. I didnt want to drag the ass out of it so i said i would come over for desert. Apple pie... fantastic. Great shopshowers and a good fire tokeep the bears away.. Im kidding!!! Its the Mozzies in more worried about. Tomorrow I head for Astoria and the state of Oregan. Look forward to putting a complete state behind me. Only 2 more to go hahah. Catch you later.


geraldine said...

Love the Larry Grayson stance John, it really suits you!!America is really having an effect on you. Easy on the steaks, think of the poor bike. You seem to be having a ball, its really great following your progress. Keep up the good work. xxxfdi

Frances said...

Here we were just together not that long ago and now look where you are.
Eileen sent me your blog and I have been checking and enjoying your progress.
I have checked the Goggle map to see where you are and just can't believe what you are doing. Please stay safe and sending you some Irish words.

A Blessing for the Day
May the God of the dawn awaken you
May the God of sunrise stir you up
May the God of morning bless your work
May the God of noon renew your strength
May the God of sunset bring you home
May the God of dusk soothe your soul
May the God of night bring you rest

your American cousin, Frances

John said...

Thanks Geraldine. who is Larry Grayson??

Hey Francis, I feel as if I am on your doorstep. Thanks forthe supporting words.