Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jenner to Olema camp ground 45 miles 27th Sept.

Woke early this morning feeling a bit sore but had a reaqsonably good night. Too early for breakfast so im not waiting around. Head off at 7am. Its very cold but sunny and threatening to get warmer.
Im going to take it easy today. I have those 10 miles to make from yesterday. Its good today, the legs are working and I get to Bodega Bay in short time. A real surfer town. There are lots of surfers out in the water and it 8am. Stop for breakfast in this very posh (by my standards of late) restuarant. Overlooking the seals and wildlife swimming in the bay. Its lovely. Good hearty breakfast.
Now move on, im back on track. Some nasty little hills as I go but nothing to depressing. I begin to see a lot of road bikers out today. I have only seen two on this whole trip. Now im coming across them, or should they are coming across me, in numbers.
In a group of 4 one slows to chat. Jerimiah was is name. A real nice guy. They are all coming from San Francisco on Saturday morning spins. As we are chatting he invites me to his house when I get to San Francisco. A generous offer. Says I can stay a few days if I wish. He is stopping at a bakery a few miles ahead and I say Ill call in for a coffee. Sure enough next town there are a crowd of bikers having a break. I hear an Irish voice calling me and its a guy from Navan Colm (hope I got that right Colm, let me know if Ihavent)living here now. Have a great chat with all of them. Exchanging stories and generally having a laugh.
Say our goodbyes and head on. nice tail wind as I cycle down the Tamasa river. Heading for Olema.
Taking it nice and steady and moving I soon reach the camp ground at Olema and meet my 'support group' who kindly invite me to dinner.
This is a completely different camp ground. Much more expensive for a start. 35 dollars for the night. The last one was 3 dollars but that was a state park. This is private. Even so its hard to see the differenced, except more families here.
San Francisco tomorrow..... a milestone
I need the rest badly... Think ill go to Alcatraz and stay a while...............


SDCC said...


I never knew that you had such descriptive talents. I just spent the last hour reading through your blog, to catch up on your great adventure. The story seemed to just jump out at me as I read it, and there certainly seems to be great variety. What an achievement!!! Keep up the chat and the pictures and give us something to talk about on Sunday mornings. Glad you sorted out that knee problem. Just shows what a small adjustment can make all the same. That's where your years of cycling experience comes to you aid. After all those hills, we will be expecting great things of you when you get back and take on the "B" team.

Best wishes,


eileen said...

'If you're going to San Francisco,
be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
If you're going to San Francisco,
you're gonna meet some gentle people there'.

Remember this John? Hope it brings out the hippie in you. Have a wonderful time in San Fran.
Peace Man! x

John said...

Hi Tom,
good to hear from you. How is the sunday mornings going. Miss all the lads. Tell the B group ill be back soon and I said hello.

Hi Eileen,
Off to Haight Ashbury tomorrow to try to get some of that flower power. Need that and more. Might make do with a bandana. Or.........maybe not!!
Could be a changed man when you see me again!!