Thursday, September 18, 2008

Senset Bay Park to Port Orfort 52 miles

Broke camp at dawn after a restless night. I really need an Odearest mattress. These mats are not enough formy old bones. Head out into the miost and rain again at 8am. Lads! I was ex Eupecting all the way sun.... so whats gone wrong?? Im in Oregan... ! Thats what is wrong. Thats what happens in Oregan. Give me Ireland any time. This is February in Ireland. Miserable !! Head up the 7 devils road... I wonder why they call it that. I soon find out!! & she-devil hills. Like Rome!! Tears the legs off. I admit to walking some of the way. Even pushing the bike is not easy. As i get to the top I get the sense of a little head wind that soon turns into a breeze which begins to gust up and drives me nearly backways. Anyway head down beat intoit ... nothing else for it. Bad cess to Oregan!!
There is nothing to see in this part of Oregan .. hense no pics today just beating the wind. Stop for lunch in Langlois.. Thank god for Subway. Replenished... move on. A rolling road no serious climbs. I dont meet any of my fellow riders. My 1st support group are ahead ofme and my group fromyesterday are having a day off. Arrive intoPort Orfort. by around 3.
Technologically speaking... a backwater! only one internet accesscafe in town. The Crazy Norwegian! Great fish and chips and chowder. Hence this blog!!.. Hopefully California tomorrow...!! EUREKA!!!
Here is the bridge from yesterday..


gbfromhell said...

hey John, I've sent you a couple of emails to your hotmail address have you been able to receive them?

seamus said...

way to go..

seamus said...

there is no bones like old bones..keep the faith..

John said...

Hi Gavin.communication has been bad for a few days. Oregan is not the best. my phone is out and american is ok. did you get the number. you can text thewre too

Hi seamus, you should know all about old bones!!!

John said...

Bridge looks terrifying. Sounds like you're having a good time with the exception of the weather - I'm so jealous.

#1Son said...

Hi John, really enjoying your's great...your descriptions are so good that I feel like I'm there half the time! Kids in great form, L. joined Rugby last Sat & had a ball, S. still daft as a brush! No. 1 son is missing you like you wouldnt believe..looking forward to hearing about California..stay safe, luv Jell x

eileen said...

Your blog made me smile today ie references to an 'Odearest' mattress - are they still making those any more?? and 'bad cess to Oregon' that one is straight from our childhood in Monaghan when our grandmother was cross with an uncooperative animal or child as the case may be!
I am shivering with you here reading about all this mist and rain.
California sounds much more glamorous and inviting and sunny so bring it on! Love x

John said...

Thanks for the great posts guys. Its good to know you are watching.
Great to hear fromyou too Jelland about the boys. My boy will be okwithout me for a while. But imhere if he wants me.
Eileen, I feel you with me and they say Northern California is worse if anything. But it will be 'the california'