Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yachats to Florence 26miles

When I was at the airport in Dublin, I met a lovely couple and we had coffee and Amanda told me, there would be some days during this trip that I would find tough, for no particular reason. It would just happen!
Well Amanda, you were right and today was just one of those days.
I left this morning in good spirits. Said goodbye to my host Victoria and headed off into the Oregan mist. Its something hard to describe. Like going out into one of those dead of winter damp misty mornings in Ireland. Gets into your bones! I kept telling myself the sun will burn it off and it will get warmer. But with the rain jacket on to give me heat and sweating inside it I soon got cold. There were a few climbs where I slowed to a walking pace and it became thoroughly miserable. I resolved I would write off the day and get warm lodging in Florence.
Id say the chardonnay from the night before had some effect on my performance but , hey! This is not the tour de France. I can loose time.. Scenery is still spectacular in the mist and listening to the giant seals through it makes it eery.
I got another of those tunnels where you wait for a lull in the traffic, hit the button and ride like hell. While i was in there, I was passed by two of those monster RV,s and a fully laden logging truck. Have to say it scared the Bejazzes out of me . I was like road runner out of there.....
Tomorrow is another day....


geraldine said...

Beep!Beep! roadrunner, keep your head down and zoom safely through those tunnels, they sound really scarey. You sound as though you've had a bad day weatherwise, but hey, the good thing about a bad day is that it ends. And you're right its not the tour de France so take it easy this evening, put your feet up and enjoy a soothing glass,(I might too just to keep you company) xxx

eileen said...

Hi John
You are bound to have highs and lows just like in any life situation. You have been pushing hard and the traffic can be stressful so perhaps you need to factor in some extra days off. You're doing real well and we're all very proud of you so take it easy brother. Love x

Frances said...

OK John, after long, hard, bad, days comes short, easy, good days.

Just think, after logging country, should come wine country.

I wish when on my exercise bike in the morning I could say I feel your pain, but

when pain comes I'm off the bike. Just to let you know we are all thinking of you and wish you well, Stay safe.


John said...

Thanks everyone. I knew i would have bad days but see the next blog . It got better