Saturday, September 6, 2008

Landed on American soil and heading for the 101 5th Sept.2008

After a quick dive down to the ferry and through U.S. immigration on board for a 90minute boat trip to Port Angelus. Like going to Hollyhead but it cost 5 dollars.B & I eat your heart out. I feel as if i am progressing now. Into America and heading for the now famous highway 101. I have been reading about this road for such a long time I feel as if we know each other. But Im sure we will have many fallings out over these next few weeks. She wins the first row with a long drag out of the port when my legs are not ready for it.But then she mellows and gives me some really fast descents. Pannier bags are a curse but boy when you get on a descent, man you can fly..........Just hang on cause we are not stopping.
But, then when you think you have her? ... she kicks up again.
Chris! found a way to keep the group together on Sundays! Give Cormac and Wayne and Marc and anyone else you think.... pannier bags!! Everyone arrives home together.
Stop after 25 miles for a double expresso, a jam doughnut and a shot of EPO. After a few more ascents and descents arrive in Quilsene. A small quintessential American town. 1 shop,1 church, 1 motel and not a lot more. But ideally placed on the edge of Olympic National Park. A great base for hiking and camping. Met some lovely interesting people. See the photos Don and Peroska who sooo encouraged me to camp out. Peroska insisted I take Don's sleeping mat. They were heading home tomorrow. I promised them I would and to watch this space. Forrest who came to the pub for some crack.
So a good day with 53 miles under my belt. First big climb tomorrow morning over Mount Walker. Starts to rise as soon as I leave here.


Julie said...

Hi John, Dad sent me your address and Just been looking through your trip so far and looks like you are having a great time, that wee American town sounds just like Latton...without the motel! Keep the updates coming! Good Luck! x

John said...

thanks julie. and gresat to hear from you.Thanks linda as well. itgreat you are watching. ill have to be well behaved.

eileen said...

Your blog is fascinating. Am following your route on Google map which adds to the interest. I am sure you will meet with all sorts of interesting characters along the way. Sounds like you will be camping out soon. You are doing real well. Stay safe. Everyone well here and following your progress with envy. Lots of love