Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cape Lookout State Park to Lincoln City 12th Sept 08

And was I wrong about the climb. Hits right from the off. And any of the lads will tell you. You need to stretch those pins before you hit a climb. This was a mother of a climb. 900 feet in less than 2 miles. With no beeakfast. Have to admit I got off once or twice. The young guys passed me but even they were struggling. It was cold, misty and damp. Cresting was a godsend. The descent was fast and bitterly cold. Sand Lake hoping for breakfast but no sand lake or breakfast. It was Pacific City before I hit civilation. Club sandwich 2 gallons of great coffee and internet access. Catch up on the blog. Charge the phone. Civilised America. Out of there with the most beautiful following gale..... the miles fairly spun by. Stopped to take a picture of this place where the sand was taking over the forrest. Front wheel spun and i ended up on my arse on the road. Glad nobody saw me. Looked like a drunk. Then came the second gift of the day. Another 800footer climb in 2 miles. Stayed on this time but pulled the legs of me. Down to 4 mph. could have walked it faster. Fast 4 mile descent into Lincoln City. I think ill have a day off the bike tomorrow. Sorry Piroska, I am in need of some respite. Besides I have the makings of a boil on my bum and with no friends that close to me to have a look. I think I need the rest. A nice Econo Lodge and good shower. Wash out a bit of gear. A great New York steak a bottle of red californian and an early night. You cant tell me camping beats that. .... Talk tomorrow...


pauline said...

Sorry I had typed a big long letter but forgot my password so have to start all over again. Glad to hear your having a rest today enjoy I hope it's a nice hotel and some more Califorian red. how is the fitness coming along? you seem to be eating up the miles, how many have you done now? We all very proud of you here Alex says a special God bless for you every night. Dad you should have seen him today we took him to football lessons for 3-4 yr olds, what a laugh he came off the pitch crying becayse the other boys were playing with his ball... team not in his vocabulary yet. Other than that a lovely day at home with my boys. Mam and susie had a lovely pamper afternoon at that hotel near Gavin's for Mam's Birthday, a bit sad we not there for the Christening tomorrow but I have been travelling so much and off to that lovely hotel in portugal on wed til sunday.

Look after yourself.

Loads of Love


John said...

Thanks Pauline. Its lovely to hear from you. same with me. I typed up the whole daily report huit a wrong button and lost it all. did that twice on the one night. Computer nearly went flying. xx