Thursday, September 11, 2008

Astoria to Nehalem 10th Sept. 2008

Good morning.. i dont know what it is in your world. This time difference is making me confused. Today the trip is taking me into Oregan and hopefully i will see the Pacific ocean for the first time in all its glory. As I say the time difference is a problem so I head out through Astoria in the wrong direction. After about 4 miles of hill climbing i discover my error. Hate that, climb all those hills , a but the concellation of going down them..Retrace my pedals back and go south ... Another 4 mile bridge ( no a different one). The guys who did the M50 bridge at home dont know diddly about bridges. This is a monster in length. Fast traffic a 18ins shoulder 3/4 full of debris. Get over fast and stop for a subway breakfast. Turkey and ham roll with salad and mustard and mayo plus coffee.. Off again in ernest now. Spinning along nicely eating up the miles on a 20 mile flat stretch. Nothing to recommend it. Then i hit the first climb about 6% 2 miles long. Approaching the top i hear this roaring sea way beneath and nothing can prepare you for your first sight of the Great Pacific Ocean. A continuous roar and white breakers way out to sea. I am in awe of it. Two more steep climbs each about 3 miles but I keep saying it the descents... Half way up this climb there is a tunnel where cyclists have to push a button to activate lights that advise drivers that there is a cyclist in the tunnel. Then you wait for a break in traffic and head off like the devil is after you. And in a way , he is. When you are in, the noise of the cars coming behind you would scare the living daylights out of you. Top of the last climb a fantastic view over Nehalem from about 500 ft high and the sweep down to a lovely quaint village, we would call it and stop for
the night... What a day...


Gavin said...

Gowan ya mad man, sounds like you're having a ball. I'm a bit jealous but thats ok, just gives me inspiration to get out there more. Loving the blog, its like being on holidays myself. take care.

geraldine said...

Great pics John,breathtaking views(apart from the tunnel).It sounds frightening!!!! I'm sure you were glad to get through it.
Onwards & upwards John xx

piroska said...

Wow and wow! I thought the Pacific might take your breath away. (It does that for me every time.) And you are in for so much more.
-- Piroska
P.S. Check out the Oregon State Parks. There are some beauties.

John said...

thanks gavin, good to hear you and good luck with the christening. sorry iwont be there
thanks geraldine for the continued support.
hi peroska . good to hear.

#1Son said...

Hi John, we read your blog every day & it's great. Think I would have carried my bike on my back over that tunnel though - I was studing the photo to find another way out! We all miss you so mind yourself..Jell x