Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flight day 1st Sept 2008

Instead of being excited about flight at 3pm today . I spend the morning in passport office STRESSED OUT TO HELL getting an emergency passport. I soon realise it is only 'my emergency'.. passport office couldnt give a toss.
While waiting for passport Moya is at Kildare COCO getting my new licence.
Scramble what cycling kit i have left in the house. Tempted to take the old green NaasCTC shirt. but reluctantly force myself to leave it behind :-) . at 12 am all comes together with passport and Moya brings Drivers licence to the airport.
Travelling light now and will get what I need when I arrive in canada.
Am philosophical about it all now,,, nobody died... so move on.
Plane is delayed for 2 hours and it was a welcome delay .... give me time to relax over a pint before the flight.
By 5pm I am boarded and winging off to the big adventure.... CANADA HERE I COME.

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