Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gold Beach to Crescent City 57 miles

There are days when a man dares to love what he has achieved.
Well today was for my lovely boys and girl!
My Luke, my Alex, my Samuel, my Sebastian and of course my Emily.
I have been instilling into my grand children especially Alex for so long. That his grandad, is a GENIUS. And after today they should really know he is telling the truth. Cause their Grandad knows for sure. I am so proud of myself today I dont mind who knows it.
After the knee pain yesterday I had dark thoughts last night of maybe having to stop. But I brushed them aside and had an early coffee and a muffin and hit the road at 8am full of confidence and feeling good.
But that first climb soon showed me I was still in difficulty as the pain came back. It slowed me to walking pace on even the slightest hill. I was trying to save it by making the right leg do the work. But that didnt last long.
Then a brainwave. I unclipped my left foot and saw that it was toeing out a bit in order to save the knee so i took the shoe off and made an adjustment to the plate so my foot toed out when clipped in.After about half hour the pain eased and I was cruising again. Even over the climbs.
By the time i got to Brooking 30 miles down and with the California border just 6 miles away.
I got a 12ins subway and a 16oz black coffee, A liter of Gateraide and I said Crescent City and California here I come.
Crossing into California was as good a feeling as I have had in long time. Got a construction worker to take my picture. And headed off. 20 miles to go. Tired but elated. Whooping and hollering down the road it flattened out and i put her into top gear. I was feeling energised and strong and did the 20 miles in one and a half hours..... i was flying! I just about do that at home on my road bike which weighs nothing... Magic!!
Into Crescent City Pop.8500 and a CITY! Looking at the mountain ahead. I shouted 'you are mine'.
The biggest climb of the whole trip looms first thing in the morning. Rises 1200ft in 3 miles. Bring it on....
Kids thats why, YOUR Grandad really is A Genius!!


eileen said...

Hey, Grandad, you are a genius! Not only intrepid adventurer but faith healer as well. Don't let that big city lead you astray. Keep the faith but watch the knee. By the way what is 'Gateraide'?
Very well done. Love x

suazz said...

What about your actual children then aul lad :) sounds good but do take it easy please we would like to see you back in one piece you know. Enjoy California its a crazy place x

mary said...

Hi john
you just doing great but be careful with your knee. I am sure your grandchildren will be proud of you. California looks nice lovely views

Julie said...

Its Not only your Grandchildren who think you are a genius, But your niece thinks you are too! You have had a tough couple of days and great to hear today was a "guddin"! Good Luck and strap that knee up! x x

John said...

Eileen. Gater... is an isotonic drink. Makesme fly.. bit like red wine!!
Hi Sus. I didnt forget you. Thanks for the support. I love you xx
Hi Mary. Love you too. nice to know your watching.
Hi Jules..Good to hear you. You alwaysknew I was a genius.