Monday, September 15, 2008

Lincoln City to Yachats 14th Sept 2008. 53 miles

Woke up early this morning. Had to make a call to Cork it was Moya's birthday and Emily's Christening. They were all having a celebration . At 6.30 in the morning!!!! I cant believe that. ... Who eats at 6.30 in the morning. You Irish....! Anyway,... American technology being at it is.. its impossible to phone ireland at that time of the morning. You can invade Iraq but you cant call Ireland.
They should invade Ireland and get our telephone system instead of worrying about all that oil.
Well rested and ready for the road.
Its cold , foggy and miserable out there. Get a mile down the road, have to stop to put more gear on. Shortly, the sun comes out and burns off the mist . Its now pleasant and im rockin down the road. This morning the road is really coming up to meet me and the miles fly by. I get to Wal Mart 25 miles down the road and wish to present them with, what looks like a phone, is shaped like a phone but by any stretch of the imagination could not be described as a phone.
Don fixes me up with a credit and a phone that defo works. Calls to cell phones, can you believe that? ( detect the american accent... yawll).
Spin on down to Waldport. Some reason the energy level is up and im cooking. Flying now. Tyres on this bike are blown up hard that when they go over a little stone it can fairly ping them across the road. So as a pasttime on those lonely miles i try to perfect the art. I get BIG points if I ding a passing car. I know I shouldnt...but. Got to get your thrills where you get your thrills.
Bike needs to be serviced. Gears are jumping always at the wrong time. Shimano 105.. any you bike nurds know what i should do. That will wake them up!!
Looking for a place to stop. Yachats looms. It is one of those names that stood out when I was preparing this trip. And now I know why. A beautiful little town with a forrested backdrop nice shops and lovely American bostonian houses. I am directed to cottage accomodation right on the beach.
Im sitting here looking at the Pacific Sunset from my kitchen table. Glass of Rosemount charrdonay in hand a bagel and Philli cheese and .... WOW... it dosnt get much better than this... Talk tomoirrow..


Frances said...

Enjoy reading about your trip everyday. You need to put this blog into a book when you are finished, it's a great thing to past down to your grandchildren
I was wondering when your bike might need some service. Glad Wal-mart could be of service to you. A lot of people here display our flag due to 9/11. Another Irish Blessing for you
A Blessing for the Day
May the God of the dawn awaken you
May the God of sunrise stir you up
May the God of morning bless your work
May the God of noon renew your strength
May the God of sunset bring you home
May the God of dusk soothe your soul
May the God of night bring you rest

geraldine said...

Hi John, glad to see your still sticking at it, sore bum and all! You missed out first 'BIG NIGHT OUT' in Cootehill, on Saturday night, music and all, wowee!! Peter was our designated driver. Apparently its your turn next time, just so you'll know. With your comments on global warming and phone systems its refreshing to know that the 'Grumpy Old Man' is still within!! xx

eileen said...

I think you are getting used to the bagels, cream cheese, pancakes etc. But hey you deserve these little treats after the hard graft you appear to be putting in each day. I see you are getting up to mischief over there, what age are you!! You have been away 2 weeks now but it seems longer, you have covered a lot of ground. Sounds like its all living up to your expectations. Stay safe. Love x

John said...

Thanks Frances,for your blessings.
Geraldine i dont think ill be designated driver for quite some time when i get home. Miss the Latton crack.
Good to see you are still watching over me Eileen.Nice toi hear from you all xxx