Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bay Center to Astoria 9th Sept 2008

Wow, i must have been tired yesterday, my english gets better and better. Those mozzies fair made a mess of me yesterday. I was up half the night tearing at my arms and legs with a hundred bites. I look like the elephant manthis morning. Anyway, blagg a cup of coffee from my 'support team' and get ready to head for Astoria and the crossing of the Mighty Colombia river. Its a short enough spin of about 40 miles today mostly flat but with a few hills. Its a cold damp misty morning, not raining just one of those days you hang out you clothes to wet. I need a pampering, my clothes and me, presumably are all smelling of wood smoke.
Its an uneventful trip down but when the Colombia river comes into view ... wow ... awesome. 5/6 miles wide with the Astoria bridge in the misty distance.The group have arranged to meet at the bridge so we can all cross together for safety, with the support wagon behind protecting us from the traffic. A good plan. Its a single carriageway road with a small shoulder. We head off in single file with a welcome following wind and we fare bowl along. 4 miles. But there is a vicious kick up for the last mile followed but a fantastic downhill off this great concrete turnpike which flys you into Astoria. What a ride!!!. Couldnt get better at Disney.
Beautiful picturesque Astoria. If you have seen the Goonies. that was shot there. A motel for the night a nice fish dinner and to bed. Another great day.


piroska said...

Great to read your progress! This "staying in a motel"-bit is a temporary fancy, I hope. To cross the mighty Columbia with the bike group must have been fun and certainly loads safer.
Eager to read your progress and your impressions of Oregon.

geraldine said...

Shame on you John G, Larry Grayson'shut that door' fame!Your hat must be too tight.
Travelling by bike is obviously the recommended mode for enjoying the wonderful sights along the pacific coast. Your final approach to Astoria wheee!! fun or what? Keep the narrative going big lad, its greatxx

John said...

Hi Piroska.. the hotel bit , wellim not sure. maybe i have to led to this wilderness thing gently. But my intentions are good.:-)

John said...

Thanks Geraldine. enjoying it so far.

#1Son said...

Hotel, pool, pina collada v tent, woodsmoke and mosquitoes. Know which one i would choose. Cant believe how far you have travelled, well done.

mary said...

I am enjoying reading about your trip. I have noticed that your beer belly is gone, the exercise is doing you good! I hope you enjoyed your fish dinner, nice hot bath and a warm comfortable bed. Love x

John said...

thanks sean. im with you.
hi mary, im keeping well