Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Florence to Sunset State Park 56 miles

Left Florence this morning. Another cold,foggy damp morning. But need to get on. Head out slowly up a couple of hard climbs that are hard on the legs first thing. But slowly get the powere in the legs and start to move. Eating up the miles. I soon pass a guy pulling a bike trailer and he tell me they are a group of 15 on an un-supported American Adventure holiday and heading for San Diego. I soon pick up more of the group and enjoy their company. There are 3 Aussies a couple of English and some Americans. They are heading for the same camp ground as me. As 3 of us approached the bridge at Winchester we discovered it was illegal to hold up traffic, this means bikers. So we were forced to ride on this path at the edge of the road over the bridge which was about a mile long . The path was 2ft wide with a i ft drop to the road of and with traffic racing by, boy it was scary. You really had to concentrate the mind and forget the traffic. Some decided to walk over in stead... wutz.. So after that we were stayed together for the rest of the day. Eventually I pulled into a WallMart for some food for the night and met one of the guys from my original 'support group'. They had a rest day in Coos Bay and I said I would probably see them tomorrow sometime. At the camp ground we are not together but I meet two young guys on their way to Monteray. There is also and old transient in the camp. He was in the marines for 40 years in Vietnam flew Blackhawks and also in the CIA for 44 years. Knew Hoover. Interesting guy. I never knew anyone from the cia before.
Later we are joined by two other bikers on their way to San Fran and a young couple a german and a canadian who are hitchhiking. Nice night around the campfire. I have no internet of phone coverage.Sothats why the blog is late. Sorry to all those who are waiting with bated breath forthe next installment.

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John said...

Hey Caroline, saw your post earlier but i cant find it now. Nice to hear from you and aaron and andrew. Keepwatching makes me feel good knowing you are all there