Friday, October 10, 2008

Santa Monica to Huntington Beach 41 miles

There you go Peter. The bandana came to me in a flash of stylish wisdom... I think it could be permanent and fetching around Latton. What do you think??
I was glad I made that jump from Leo Carillo to Santa Minica yesterday because the 41 miles today was the least enjoyable cycling it was possible to have. It was both physically and mentally challenging and exhausting.
Once I left Santa Monica I had 9 miles on a cycle path the wound its on the beach. It was pretty scenic and novel at the start. With road bikers, roller bladers, people walking dogs and kids. But soon it became tedious with a fine film of sand on the concrete path which threatened to bring you down at every winding turn. The walkers and joggers and roller bladers became a nusience and sometimes it was just plain dangerous.
The cycle path went through car parks around marinas and at one time wended its way through an underground car park, Really!! like the Ilac center and out the other side. Then across a pier and ended at a very busy junction of the Pacific Coast Highway. Then it was 25 miles of heavy traffic through Los Angelas riding on the road without a shoulder. Traffic lights every 100 yards which always seemed to be red against you. Those guys out there wanting to kill you and on top of it all a headwind. I really had to be on the alert at all times. No day dreaming on the road here.At one stage I had to negotiate around a Highway Patrol car that had pulled in a driver. He had ssopped it awkwardly and forced me out onjto the outside lane to pass him with a bus passing at the time. I let him have it as I passed 'You are going to get me killed officer' i shouted at him. I tink he was shocked tohear me. But thankfully didnt react.
The ride finished with a windswept 6 mile open road into Huntington. By the time I got there I was ready for the first kip i came to. I didnt care what it was like. I am exhausted....


eileen said...

Hi John
hope you don't have any more cycle experiences like this. It sounds really exhausting and dangerous. I would imagine the thoroughfare around San Diego will be equally as busy so please be careful on this last leg of your journey. We want you home in one piece. Very well done. Wonderful achievement. Love x

Gavin said...

Hey Boyler got your text. You coming home this Monday?

John said...

Gotta fight my way through 2 days of built up cities then its home. Job done!!