Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big Sur to San Simeon 67 miles

Woke at 3am. Its pouring out of the heavens. Thats the first actual rain I have seen. Maybe it will clear! Go back to sleep.. Waken at 6am still heaping it down (It never rains in Southern California, It pours man it pours). Should Istay in the tent for the day or what. Then Tom Keenan's words ring in my ears 'john, you have to learn to cycle in the rain too'. So up I get. Get dressed fold up the tent. Everything is wet now. But Im feeling good. Stopfor a hugh breakfast at the restuarant. Pig out on bacon and eggs, burger, bagels, cheese and 2 big pancakes with shed loads of maple syrup.
Stuffed to the gunnells head up the first 3 mile climb starting just outside the camp ground.
This is the big climbing day 4 major climbs interspersed with 30 miles of roller coaster. I mentally break up the days journey and it seems easier as I go. Legs are good today and the climbs are rolling under me. At 25 miles I stop to get a picture and I meet Ed and his wife Marge.Marge is originally from Broadstone and Ed is completely taken with my trip. We have a good chat and take our leave. At the top of the climb there is a restuarant and I stop for water and here is Ed waiting for me. We stop ands have lunch together and have a great chat. They wantto relocate out to southern california. Ed isin the electronic surveillance business a big New Yorker. Nice people.
Two more savage climbs to come and the backis broken on this sucker. Bring it on.Im feeling good.
Up the climbs Iget a gale of a tailwind that means an extra gear and I fly. Thye switchback descents are fantastic. I hog the middle of the road and keep the traffic off my back. hitting 38mph. Awesome!!
Over the last summit and a 15 mile fast flat spin all the way to San Simeon.
Into a well deserved motel and a bath!! Soak the bones for an hour and bring in alkl my washing as well.
No Percil or Daz on this trip. Living like a pig!!! Who cares....


#1Son said...

L.A. here you come !
looking good , nearly home now .
take care

Amanda said...

Wow John, you really are flying,you sound so full of energy and enthusiasm, I almost wish I was doing the trip myself and you should see me on a bike!
I am so glad to see you are enjoying it so much, and you are so lucky having met such lovely people on the way..make every moment count..nearly there now.
Take care..Amanda

John said...

Hi Sean, Its a long long way from Clare to here. But its now less than 200miles to LA.

Hey Amanda, I enjoyed your contact. Your photos were great.We must get together when I get home.Tell John he looks good in the mustache. It suits him. Very Mexican!