Saturday, October 11, 2008

Huntington Beach to San Elijo Beach Park 69 miles

This was an early start. I was so tired last night I checked into the worst motel ive stayed in. But it was ok. I just needed a bed.
Up at 6.30 and gone by 7.30 on the last big push.
It was an uneventful pull except that i Had my first spill. I was stopping to take a look at my map when my pannier bag caught a high kerb and knocked me off before I could get my foot out. Nothing serious, a bit of road rash on my knee and wacked my lip.
War wound!!
A pleasant ride apart from that through towns and cities. All built up except for a couple of short country stretches.
I took a wrong turn through San Clemente and while i was wondering which way to go up comes Berry on a road bike. He kindly stops to help me out and agrees to lead me out of the chaos im in. He kindly gets me on track and leads me through the hills and byways of San Clemente down as far as Camp Pendelton. He is a very fit 70 year old and a true gent. So, thanks Berry for your help.
Camp Pendelton is an army base where before 9/11 you could have sailed thro but now is restricted entry. Berry suggests I should ride the freeway. Its noisy and hot but its straight. I go for the easy option. The base was open and it was okto ride through it, as long as you had I.D. and werent a threat but my goal has always been totake the shortest route. So its freeway for me. I will never critisise the traffic on the Naas Duel carriageway again.
Soon im into Oceanside and Carlsbad. I had met Jim earlier and we agreed to meet in Carlsbad State Park but when I get there they wont take hiker bikers.
I leave a message for Jim, I have gone south another 9 miles and he soon follows. We meet up at San Elijo Beach and pitch tents. Cloudy evening but nice. Last pitch of the trip so make it good. I poach the internet from outside a real estate office , with their permission of course to do the blog.
We are pitched right a girl guides camp and Imin bed at 8. These little tykes are playing Hide and Seek till 10. KIDS!!!
Put thatwith the train track 100 yards away with the trains which give loud, long blasts on their horns (if thats what they are called) till 3am.
Not going to be much sleep tonight...
Big Finale tomorrow. 54 miles to the Mexican border... bring it on...
No pictures today. Nothing really worth seeing.


Peter said...

Hi John G, we've been in Latton all week so missed your blog. Have to say tho that the bandana is real cool!!It'll turn a few heads around Latton, so will those sexy 'pins'(Geraldine's comment) You've done a fantastic job John, enjoy your last few miles.Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love P&G

Frances said...

Congratulation John, you've done a great job. You should feel very good about yourself.
What's next Tour de France? I've put in a call for Mary McAleese to met you at the airport, hope she make it.

eileen said...

Hi John
really going to miss this blog but looking forward to hearing about your adventure first hand when you come home. Very best wishes to all the lovely kind people you met along the way. See you soon. Love x

John said...

Hi Peter,
I think Ill have to have the bandana surgically removed. I quite like it.

Hey Frances
Your great for sticking with me. I feel so proud of myself. Yes I do.

And my Wee Sister,
Thanks Eileen for following me so closely. I always felt you were never far away. i love you.xx