Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mc Grath Beach to Santa Monica 59 miles

We agree to meet today at the Leo Carillo State Beach, as its the last hiker/biker camp before south Los |Angelas. Its a short run, only 27 miles.
Im slow out of the blocks today. One reason is that I have my tent folded, packed and stowed and discover the keys of my bike lock are inside the tent. So all has to be unloaded and opened to get the keys. Language is foul!!
Everyone is gone before im ready to go, so I head off alone. 3 miles down the road and no breakfast in me I find a Subway and in for a sandwich and coffee. While Im having it they kindly charge up my phone.
Off again and into Port Hueneme, a huge American Naval Base and from there, across miles and miles of farm land. 100's of acres of parsley, (no kidding) And lawn turf 100's of acres. Wild!!
Around the naval base I come across this display of Fighter Jets and Missiles. See the pics!
Then I hit the coast again and these fantastic beaches.
Shed loads of surfers and beach people generally. Nobody seems to work out here. I soon come on my destination of Leo Carillo Beach Park.
Going in, there is no one there that I know and Im feeling fit still. Its early in the day and I cant justify stopping. So I decide to move on. The guys will realise that when I dont show and Ill see them tomorrow on the road anyway. A groupofteenagers on the road see me coming and and have the crack. Where you coming from buddy...? I say Vancouver... and he nearly gets sick... wow awesome!! The girls go 'way to go man'. RESPECT!!
So on up the road and a few miles further on I see Malabu! Did you ever think?? Long sprawling beach goes for miles.
I decide to go another 20 miles and get a motel.
Malibu is nothing to write home about,except for the people who build these homes on stilts right on the beach! Anyone tell them about storms or stuff...? Apparently not! Its magnificent beach with huge seas and surfers but apart from that no big deal, so move on. Im gone my 20 miles so I decide.. a motel here anywhere will do. NO HOTELS, NO MOTELS just rich beach front houses and nothing aproximating a lodging house.
Ok move on, Topanga.. nothing! Santa Monica where the drivers actually want to kill you! But no hotels!!
Starting to panic now... visions of sleeping on the beach. I join the Santa Monica bike path down along the beach for safety sake.
Now you see it.. Roller bladers, skate boarders, chicks bursting out of hot pants, jogging with ear phones, kids on bikes, boards and anything that has wheels, beach bums, body builders, muscles and boobs legs and ... the rest! Lovers, liars, smoke sellers and hustlers... all together in profussion. The beach, as I approach Venice Beach is thronged with people. 5pm. Hate to think what its like in full summer at mid day. Mad!!
Then on Venice there is about 2 miles of stalls selling al sorts of beads, baubles ,hats and the like. I think !!!!! Haight Street in San Francisco!!! Its all moved here. This is the new hippie culture. Right here on Venice Beach In Santa Monica..
Anyway. my problemis not solved... where am I going to lay my weary head. I ask a taxi driver and he points me in a direction... Holiday Inn!! You deserve luxury my boy after all you have been through..... book in... shower.. those little bottles... smellies and a soft bed and 2 tv,s.
Ill attend to my own body now....What muscles I have.....
Long Beach California.. another iconic name. Tijuana looms in 2 days


eileen said...

Hi John

you are now very close to achieving your goal. These past weeks have flown by but maybe not for you given how hard you have worked to get this far. You will have great memories to reflect on when you get home. Are you planning to spend any time relaxing and sightseeing before you return home? You certainly deserve it but perhaps you are already planning your next adventure! Enjoy the remainder of this one. Take it easy. Love x

Joe said...

Hi John,

You dont know me, but came across your blog and having just driven the Pacific Coast Highway and been a fellow cyclist, immediately thought it would be a great riding experiance.
Love reading your blog and bringing back some good memories.
Well done mate.
Joe Sharp