Monday, October 6, 2008

San Simeon To Pismo Beach 52 miles

Had a Mexican dinner last night. Maybe thats in preparation for the border which looms a week or so away. I think its an indicator.. i dont like Mexican food!
Up this morning bright and early. I cant get used to sleeping late anymore. Packed and gone by 9am.
Its a nice easy spin to Pismo Beach today. The profile is reasonably rolling and for the first in along time, I do not have to contend with a steep climb as soon as I take off. Instead it a slight downhill for a few miles which stretches these stiff legs out and settles them in for the day.
There is a clear sense today of moving from the Mountaineous cliff type terrain to more moderate rolling landscape. Leaving the land of the high headland and the smell of Redwoods to the peaceful pasture land of livestock and the clear smell of the eucalyptus tree which is common here.
The cycling too is different. Straight roads for miles over rolling landscape that encourages me to put her into a big gear and spin at a nice high speed. Its great cycling. Skirting around the busy Highway ! where possible, is very enjoyable and the miles click over.
Before leaving San Simeon I go to the beach to see hundreds of Giant seals suning themselves on the beach totally oblivious to the people who have come to see them. I suppose there is a reason they all come just here, the seals I mean but I havent the time to ask them.
At Morro Bay that giantic rock you see in the picture is one of '9 sisters' down the coast. Its the remains of the 'plug' of an ancient volcano which has eroded away. The forces that existed then have now made up the San Andreas Fault over which I am now cycling. I hope it stays quiet till I get over it...
Before I know it im in Pismo beach. You wouldnt half know. Kids on bikes passing me out for the laugh. Little pups think they are great cause they can overtake a 'real biker' Ha!!
Its a real Southern California resort and a taste of what is to come. Has a great beach and a long pier that goes out to sea and you can go out to where the surfers are catching waves and be right over them. The waves are only to be imagined...
Tomorrow is the last big climbing day. Down to Lompoc for 2 climbs of 1000 feet and 1 of 600 ft....Easy Peasy! Bring em on.....This boy is hot...!


suazz said...

you are doing SOOOOOOO well dad fair play to ya its great to see youre having your good days too. youre head probably cant take in all these amazing things at once...dont forget to smell the coffee sometimes so you can really appreciate what youre doing...not long now keep on truckin! Alls good here its cold now very cold it sucks wich i was there mexico will be great stick to mc donalds tho ha ha xxx

eileen said...

Hi John
Good to hear that you are moving into easier terrain. You should take some time off to go for a swim or get acquainted with the seals! I take it you will not be making a return visit to them anytime soon. Hope the bike and the knee are coping OK. Lots of love x

John said...

Hey Susie
Its great to hear from you. Ive had so much coffee here. Iam having fun now. The hillsare behind me. Dont know how I will get back to the real life.Mexico will only see my toe thats all then Im back up to the metropolis.

you are great support. Ill be waking uptothere honking for a while yet. The bike is great so far and the knee is not a bother. see you soon.